Friday, February 27, 2009

goat chalet

photo courtesy Sarah Halverson
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DekeAndJessica said...

Ah Yes, the Goat Chalet... Let me tell you all a little story about our stay there. I believe it was Presidents Day weekend, 2008. We thought it would be fun to stay at the hostel and meet Oliver. We were also keen on a romantic get away so thought the privacy of the GC was in order. Upon arrival, we noted the chinking (or lack thereof) but thought little of it due to the robust wood stove in the corner. The weather had been cold but neither of us were really prepared for the NEGATIVE 37 DEGREE night we had. Our zero degree bags barely kept us from freezing and the tempermental stove required constant attention.. not to mention numerous nighttime trips to the wood pile. Our 1 gallon of water froze solid INSIDE the cabin. For all its drama, that evening in the Goat Chalet has proven to be one of our most talked about and memorable evenings together.. We would not trade it for anything. We give it 5 Stars! Thanks Oliver!

Anonymous said...

I stayed in the Goat Chalet 20 years ago, man I must be getting old. It was summer, so no freezing kettles of water. I think my friends and I called it the Hobbit Cabin, since it reminded us of Bag End. Highly recommended.